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How do we move retail from today’s uncertainty to tomorrow’s resiliency?
Solutions for new environments, new expectations and new ways of working.


Transform your shopping experience across digital channels and stores, so consumers can shop with you anywhere and at any time.


Futureproof your technology and develop ecosystem partnerships to enable consumer experiences with speed and agility.


Redefine the future of work to skill and scale a future-ready retail frontline and corporate workforce.

Digital Work


The Adwit digital commerce platform integrates online and offline advertising, marketing, sales, merchandising and operations for retailers, from a single cloud-based solution. It empowers them to optimize their commerce strategies across all devices and touchpoints, increase sales and enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Adwit Global is a technology company that integrates seamless digital shopping experiences for retailers, publishers and eCommerce sellers across both online and offline platforms. Our integrated solution connects the dots between online and offline experiences. We have developed a proprietary technology, "CASA" (Consumer Activity and Shopping Analytics), which enables us to identify consumer data and behaviors in real time. This is the core of our technology which allows us to organize big data in an easy-to-understand format so it can be used for more effective and personalized marketing.

Retail: Text


Adwit Global gives you one access point for everything you need to make the shift to digital. And we give you access to innovators like you—business leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators who are thinking about what’s next. We bring the world’s best minds together in person at our events and on our online networks. We’re a network for retail innovators—seeking counsel, collaboration, connections and community. Adwit offers a platform to realize new opportunities. Our engineering team has been working with the channel partners and brands to deliver exceptional solutions for a better retail future. With a growing partner ecosystem, we are positioning to become the backbone for tomorrow’s retail.Working with you to create compelling retail experiences, whether in-store, online or both. Providing the environment to give consumers a reason to come in store, get inspired and then purchase online. Ensuring brand consistency at every stage: from the graphics on the website, through to instore product displays. All working together towards one aim — to bring customers into stores and keep them coming back.

Modern Office


Our mission is to improve the quality of work through automation and artificial intelligence. We offer a platform for retailers to scale their workforce globally, and shape the future of retail, by providing training data and tools to train machine learning models that will produce online automated trainers and human trainers. These products can plug into corporate learning platforms via APIs. To redefine the future of work to skill and scale for a future-ready retail frontline and corporate workforce through automation, we've built an entire learning platform to make training relevant and easy for customers. Our customers' employees can learn skills on-demand around the world to increase their earning potential and improve employee retention. 

We’re transforming the future of retail by bridging the gap between technology and people through better training. We’ve revolutionized learning for the digital age to reinforce the best practices for success.

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